Music Society of Enugu

A Catalyst for Youth Empowerment, Cultural Enhancement, and Economic Growth. We provide youths with an avenue to express themselves, develop their talents, and become economically productive


The Music Society of Enugu (MUSE) has been registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission as a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the noble enterprise of promoting music and arts generally, especially among the young people in Enugu and the South East geo-political zone as a whole.

Over the years, MUSE has dedicated itself to the collective objective of discovering, cultivating, promoting and propagating the core cultural values of the Enugu society. It has provided avenues for cultural expression, not only through music but also through the other branches of artistic media available to it.


of M.U.S.E


By providing them with training in various aspects of the performing arts, MUSE will equip youths with the skills, confidence, and opportunities to excel in their chosen art forms

Preserve and Promote Igbo Culture

MUSE will serve as a platform for showcasing the rich Igbo culture, fostering a sense of pride and identity in the younger generation.

Boost Local

Regular events and performances can stimulate economic activity by attracting local and international tourists. Revenue can be generated from ticket sales, sponsorships, and partnerships.

Foster International Collaboration:

MUSE’s revitalization can lead to collaborative
opportunities with international performing arts bodies, leading to cultural exchanges and further development of the sector.

MUSE will offer a diverse range of performing arts services to cater to different interests and talents. The following services will be provided

Services offered by MUSE

Traditional Igbo Music and Dance:

Comprehensive training in traditional Igbo music and dance forms, preserving cultural heritage and promoting traditional artistic

Contemporary Dance:

Classes and workshops in contemporary dance styles, enabling students to explore modern movement techniques and artistic expressions.

Theatre Arts:

Acting, stagecraft, and dramatic arts training, fostering storytelling abilities and nurturing the next generation of actors, directors, and playwrights.

Spoken Word Poetry:

Workshops and performances that celebrate the power of words, encouraging self-expression and promoting poetic talent.

Instrumental Music

Instruction in various musical instruments, allowing students to
develop their musical skills and appreciation

Vocal Music:

Voice training and choral ensemble opportunities, nurturing vocal talents
and promoting harmonious collaborations